By Laird Crandall

President's Post - July 2021

On Friday July 16, 2021 I attended an Association Presidents Town Hall Meeting via Zoom with CAR President Dave Walsh plus some speakers on Housing Market Update with a Housing Market Update. He had tons of statistics but indicated we are at 25,109 new listings last month which was above where we were last year being 23,296 new listings.  New mortgage applications are falling letting us sales and new listings more.
June Barlow, a General Counsel for CAR, spoke about the DOJ/NAR Legal Settlement. This involved some private listing networks including some in the Bay Area.  Our Associations cannot claim that the MLS is “free”.  Also, there is growing consumer concern that “they are paying too much in commission”.  We must reiterate the commission the seller is paying before we present them an offer.
Gov Hutchinson reviewed again his presentation material on the new Fire Hardening and Defensible Space Form.  He said that realistically most counties don’t have local ordinances and you don’t need to be concerned about checking boxes unless it is an older home.  If you do have a local ordinance then in 4 B will check #3 or #4.  The way to ascertain if we have point of sale inspections is to check with Cal Fire in our area or possible a Fire Department. I did check with Weaverville Fire Department and they said we do not have an additional local ordinance but rely on the state mandates.
Finally, we had a discussion in smaller groups about the value of Zoom for meetings and the consensus seemed to be to keep the hybrid structure going with zoom and in-person meetings as across the state we are getting much more participation in local and state meetings.  Some Associations are using Zoom as a fundraiser to charge for education.
By Sue Leutwyler for Laird Crandall
Trinity AOR Christmas Party & Toy Drive
The Association gathered together on December 4th for our annual Holiday Party and Toy Drive.  Great fun for all and LOTS of Toys for Tots!Christmas Party Gathering

By Laird Crandall
Foster Children Blankets

Some of our creative, helpful members gathered on Saturday October 26 at the Trinity Alps Golf and Country Club to create hand tied blankets for Foster Children. Initially we had 5 tables of production going with Patty Doeringhaus, Robyn Boles, Shannon Aikins, Diane Campion, and Laird Crandall working on both 48×60 inch and 60 x 60 inch felt blankets. There were a variety of themes and colors including Disney, Spiderman, Hogwarts, Frozen, plus animals to name some.

Foster Children Blankets Andrea Reynolds stopped by to deliver a completed blanket and Sherri Walhood sent two more. Early afternoon Brandon and Barbara Rae showed up and jointed the assembly. All in all about 16 blankets were produced at last count. These will go to the Foster Children in colorful gift bag with tag saying each child will be wrapped with love when surrounded by it. This activity is one of the Community Service projects Trinity County Association of Realtors participated in during 2019.


By Lydia McAllister for Laird Crandall
Education Day 2019- Region 2
By Laird Crandall
Legislation Days 2019

Our AOR participated in CAR sponsored Legislation Days at the Sacramento Convention Center this year May 1, 2019. President Laird Crandall and State Director Brandon Rae attended and although it was fast and furious enjoyed their time.  Highlights included:

The opening address by CAR President Charles Martin including a run down of the three key bills RAF is sponsoring. They included support for AB 1590 First time, Low income and Moderate Income Home buyer Tax Credit.  This is a Bill for communities that have lower medium incomes providing  a 3% or 5000 credit.  SB 50 Housing Development Incentive which  encourages multiunit housing near transportation ,, and opposition  of SB329 which is manditory Section 8.

Listening to Govenor Gavin Newsom who was supportive, witty and wanting CA  to have 300 thousand new housing starts this year to help with out crisis

Walking by the Govenors Mansion which was on the walk from our hotel to the conference each day.

Meeting Sean Bellach our CAR leg rep. again at the conference lounge and getting photographed with the new CAR shield logo.

Attending the luncheon with an address by Joel Singer who forcast the housing market as stable

Attending Professional Standards  Committee dealing with Article 9 clean up request fordelivfor delivering  signed listing agreement. We also attended an intestine Government Affairs meeting on ADUs, Accessory Dwelling Units with bills regarding approval time, financing insuranciareawherihabeecancelled.

LeDayis a grealearninopportunity. 

- Laird Crandall

By Lydia McAllister for Laird Crandall
Register to Vote Project

Our Association of Realtors ran a register to vote day in front of the Weaverville post office on Wednesday October 11, 2017.  Sherri Walhood and Laird Crandall successfully handed out over 80 percent of their forms, 5 out of 6 to those asking. "Although we thought everyone would be registered, " said President Elect Sherri, " we had several wanting to change information and a couple new registrants."  All in all it was a success.

-Laird Crandall

By Lydia McAllister
Fundraiser for the Helena Fire - Update
"The Fundraiser went really well... I am happy to say that with just a few of us out on the streets with signs we raised nearly $7,000 by the end of the day!  With the $5,000 from our members, we'll be handing over a nice amount to the Lions Club this week"- Summer Bashore

By Lydia McAllister
Helena Fire Fundraiser
The Trinity County Association of Realtors members will hold a public fundraiser to help raise cash donations for those most affected by the Helena Fire from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, September 15, 2017. As individuals, many members wanted to match donations received by the public, so during the TCOR meeting on September 6, those present committed to matching up to $5,000.
By Lydia McAllister
REALTOR Action Fund
This is an image of all the agents who contributed to the REALTOR Action Fund. The REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) raises money to advance the goals of our REALTOR® political action committees (PACs) at the local, state, and federal levels of government.  RAF supports and/or opposes candidates for elected office who understand, or don't understand, REALTOR®  Issues.
By Lydia McAllister
Fighting for California Homeownership

During this time of year, people are focused on politics, state budgets and upcoming laws. But do you ever wonder about how our elected officials do as lawmakers? It’s important, because every year, thousands of bills are debated in Sacramento and Washington D.C. that impact your ability to buy or sell a home.

The good news is that your local Trinity County Association of REALTOR® is paying attention, fighting for homeownership. When REALTORS® fight, families win.

Homeownership Bills Signed Into Law

• Expanding access to financing: HR 3700 – REALTORS® supported federal legislation which expands homeownership by making it easier to use FHA financing to purchase condominiums. This is great for first-time homebuyers because FHA credit standards are more favorable and require lower down payments. This makes it easier for people to get a mortgage, start building equity and take advantage of the ability to lower their tax bill by writing off mortgage interest.

• Property tax disclosures: AB 2476 – Another REALTOR® sponsored bill that ensures property owners, not living at that address, are still notified when government wants to increase parcel taxes.

Your Trinity County Association of REALTORS® does much more than help make sure you can buy or sell a home. Realtors meet with lawmakers and fight for your rights.